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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Japan Nano Technology Far Infra Red Slimming Waist Belt

  • Nano FIR Thermal Healthy Slimming Belt has great ventilation property to keep your waist dry and comfort all the time. It uses both the latest nano technology and the principle of FIR to achieve the aims of health care. The capability of FIR thermal energy can easily lead out by body temperature to maintain constant temperature to ameliorate waist's cold condition, improve blood circulation, advance metabolism, dissipate sore and aching waist, disperse blood stasis, diminish fat on waist, protect intestines and stomach, promote digestion, strengthen lumbar spinal support, relieve female's menstrual pains, and prevent chronic diseases cause by low blood circulation. Especially suitable for infirm people and people who work under frigid environments.

Not suitable for high blood pressure patient.


By: Professor Li Dong Qi

  • The complete spectrum of sunlight consists of visible and invisible rays. The visible rays are red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue and violet in colors (Known as rainbow colors). The invisible rays are Ultra Violet, X-rays, Gamma, Cosmic, Microwave, Long Wave, Electrical Wave and Infrared.
  • Electromagnetic waves between visible light and the microwave are called infrared waves. The wave length of infrared waves range from 0.76 micron to 1,000 microns. The ranges of Near, Medium and Far Infrared Rays are 0.76 to 1.5 micron, 1.5 to 4 micron, and 4 to 1,000 micron respectively.
  • The Physical Characteristic of FIR are: a. Invisibility b. Linearity, refractivity and reflectivity c. Upon being absorbed by various objects, the ability to produce warmth and harmonize with the natural life-force released by human body to enhance resonance absorption. The ability to penetrate deep into the human body.


  • Human being itself also emits far infrared rays to body tissues, whereby circulation of blood is enforced. The good circulation of bloods and body liquids enhances distribution of oxygen and nutrition to every part of human body, thus promoting metabolism in the organism. In short, the use of bedding made Bio Ceramics provides you with better and sound sleep and faster recovery from fatigue.
  • Only far-infra red rays having specific wavelength are effective to living things. The recent biological and biophysical researchers revealed that the far-infrared rays are effective to human body when their wavelength is with in the range from 6 microns to 14 microns (the far- infrared rays have wavelength ranging from 4 microns to 1,000 microns). Within this range of wavelength, the far-infrared rays cause resonance with molecular oscillation of water involved in cellular tissues of human being end can penetrate the body of human being.

All living things have water molecules

  • Human body consists of 70% or more water. For all other animals, fishes, birds, insects and plants, water is indispensable part of body. For vegetables and fruits, overwhelmingly large part is water. You will often experience that some water is tasty but other is not so tasty though there is no difference in appearance and that good water makes tea, coffee, etc. tastier. In fact, quality of processed of food depends on quality of water used in processing.
  • High-quality always necessary for manufacture of beers, wines, juices and other liquors or beverages. You will be astonished if you hear that water itself can be made -------- without use of sugar or other additives or without purification, only by exposing it to the far-infrared rays
  • Then water is exposed to the far-infrared rays, its molecules are activated. When you drink activated water, you will taste it "fresh". Although human being and other living things are fresh if they are exposed to the far-infrared rays, they do not absorb all infrared rays, it can absorb the far infrared rays having specific wavelengths ranging from 6 to 14 microns.

What and how far-infrared rays do to our bodies?

  • Far-infra radiation penetrates into our body and\d heats up from the inside.
  • Heat is spread outwards by conduction in bones, convection in tissues fluids and far infra radiation.
  • The growing warmth (conduction and convection) - dilates blood vessels & fine capillaries - improve circulation - facilitates removal of impurities and influx of nutrients.


Far infrared rays works on two principles;

  • Heating from inside to outside
  • Energizing of organic/water molecules

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